Corporate Services

In an effort to educate the public on how to achieve optimal health, without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery, American Chiropractic Center is available to provide a number of services to your employees and coworkers. Below is an array of options for you to choose from.
  • Complimentary spinal evaluations.
    • Besides being a window to your spine, your posture reflects the additional forces acting on the body. These forces, both gravitational and tension, combine to make the body less efficient, more prone to injury, and increase the development of degenerative disk disease. So a snapshot of a person’s posture is really a snapshot of their spinal health!
      The complimentary computerized EMG scan allows us to view a computerized replica of your spine. Within seconds, the doctor can evaluate your spine to measure your postural health. Find out how your posture can affect many areas of your health and how you can make a change for the better!
  • Complimentary Body Fat Analysis
  • Complimentary “Brown Bag” Health Talks on a wide array of topics.
  • Corporate Chair Massages **
If we have not listed a service or subject that is of interest to you, please let us know. We are equipped with knowledgeable doctors and therapists that can accommodate most requests.

For additional information, please contact us directly via email [email protected].

**We have several massage therapists available to accommodate most requested days and times.